Controversy over Crashed Car at HS South

Letter to the Editor – WW& P News 5/1/15

Schools Should Teach, Parents Should Parent

Today the West Windsor High School South had a crashed car at the entrance/exit of the high school parking lot. It seems some administrators or community do-gooders believe either the students aren’t responsible enough or the parents aren’t responsible enough to discuss drinking and driving in our own homes. It’s a little bit unrealistic as there are no dangling bloody body parts (more gore in xBox), so I’m not sure how effective their attempt at shock value it is or what they’re trying to prove. One thing I do know is that there is a sign which reads: “Parents who host lose the most.”  Read more here.
Editor’s note: According to Marcia Fleres, coordinator of the WW-P Municipal Alliance, the car was placed at High School South by the West Windsor Police Department through the efforts of juvenile officer Dave Jelinski and South principal Dennis Lepold. There was no cost to the district.The “parents who host lose the most” signs were placed by the Municipal Alliance to clarify the car’s purpose and as part of a larger prom season campaign to educate parents about the dangers of allowing children to drink in their homes. High School South’s prom is scheduled for Friday, May 29, and North’s for Friday, June 5.

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